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DiGGity Dom


"Helping people through music and media"

"Dominic is one of the most passionate, prompt and thorough collaborators that I have ever worked with.  They offer a wide range of knowledge, are always prepared and equipped to execute challenges and problem solve. Not only does Dominic possess a wide skill set but they also offer to teach those around them how to be self-sufficient and develop the tools for the future." 

Billy Dean Thomas, Grammy Nominated Hip-Hop Artist

Smooth like water (malibu)  (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Black Water

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My name is Dominic Glaude aka Diggity Dom. I started playing drums at the age of 4 and got into music production shortly after when I started sequencing tracks on the triton keyboard. I participated in the Berklee City Music Program for 9 years and was a music technology major at Boston Arts Academy where I learned how to mix and create various forms of media through technology. I also played drums, percussion, keys, and sang background in the "So Amazing" children's group during the years 2007-2015. We recorded an album, music videos, and toured the east coast of the United States and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Currently, I hold a Bachelor's of Music from Berklee College of Music in Music Business & Management and Music Production and Engineering with a minor in Commercial Record Production. I've had the pleasure of playing drums for Billy Dean Thomas (Grammy Nominated Hip-Hop Artist) where we toured with the international band, Moon Hooch. My life consists of mixing, recording, producing, teaching, DJing, Mentoring youth and more. I manage producers and artists and want every person I work with to be protected and taken care of when it comes down to their rights. Any time I work with someone, my main priority is to give them the best product that fits their needs. You surely won't be disappointed after working with Diggity Dom.



Dominic (Diggity Dom) Glaude / Diggity Dom,
(762)-DIG-GITY, (762)-344-4489
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