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Suelta by Diggity Dom

Producer: Dominic "Diggity Dom" Glaude
Director: Dominic "Diggity Dom" Glaude

Starring: Diggity Dom

HeadChoreographer: Yamanutchy Marcellus
Co-Choreographers: Tiyou Gonyea Emmanuel Eke Aka YoungBurna

Main Dancers: Diggity Dom Yamanutchy Marcellus Tajazziah Booth Hazel Broussard Emmanuel Eke Aka YoungBurna Tyrone K. Perry

Male Teacher: Ian Glaude
Female Teacher: Trayce Booth

Students: Gabby Jonas Ace Harold Adrian “AJ” Barbosa Ayomide Muse Favour Igboenyesi Eddie Brimage

Outdoor FreeStyle Dancer: Eddie Brimage

Costume and Set Design: Dominic "Diggity Dom" Glaude

Lighting: @Mixx_Studios - Kai

Videographers: Jersey Trademark & XBossVisions

BTS Operators: Jersey Trademark, XBossVisions, Teetee & JayPix Video

Editor: Jason Fowler

Music and Lyrics by: Dominic Glaude

Language Assistance: Maya Manzanero-Lopez & Naomi Luisa

Mixed & Mastered by: Dominic "Diggity Dom" Glaude

Bassist: Christoff Glaude

This Project is dedicated to Marianne Harkless Diabate & Angela Rhea.

Special thanks to Greg Holt, Dr. Hanna, Ms. Nehmer, and Ms. Melo from Boston Arts Academy for allowing us to use their classrooms.

Thank you UnKnown Hype Dance Company and 4 Star Dance Studio for the rehearsal space.

Lastly, Thank you everyone for supporting Diggity Dom Entertainment LLC!

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